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A bit about me:

I enjoy shooting sports, travel, and undersea. Of course, high action is a great challenge, but I also like to slow things down when I go SCUBA diving underwater. To shoot successfully in a liquid environment, it takes experience, proper equipment, and of course: safety. Other sports samples of my work can be seen at SportsShooter. I'm flexible with my schedule, although dates fill up faster than one might expect - so if there is an event to be covered, the earlier I'm assigned the better. My work has appeared in Sports Illustrated, ESPN Magazine, GQ, TV Guide, MLB.com and many books and websites. Thanks for checking me out!

Assignments of any kind: Just give me a call, IM, or send me a e-mail anytime - barring weird locations, I usually have e-mail access 24/7. Just click on the "contact" lionk below.


- Ed.